Nashville Infill Construction Boosts Older Neighborhoods

Dated: 10/01/2014

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This was a recent article by The Tennessean talking about how lots of older neighborhood around Nashville are seeing new construction and renovations turn them from decrepit to desired. This is also meaning, that less professionals are heading out to the suburbs of Brentwood and Franklin because they can find a gorgeous home just minutes from where they work in town. 
One aspect that is causing the change according to a lot of people is that younger professionals now want to experience life in the city. They want to be able to go out and about on weekends, not have to think about taking care of a large lawn in the suburbs. The trend has also caught on with empty nesters. They say, why have an acre out in Brentwood when we could be more maintenance fee in town AND close to the symphony and other attractions Nashville has to offer. The only question that now arrises, is how long will this new construction continue to make Nashville grow? At what point does Nashville risk loosing it's "honky tonk", southern feel and turn into a "big city"? Hopefully never...
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